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Welcome to Pomander Books!

We began as the Pomander Bookshop in New York City more than 25 years ago. We now deal privately, specializing in hard-to-find modern poetry—from T. S. Eliot and Conrad Aiken through Wallace Stevens and W. H. Auden to the New York School, the Beats, the Language Poets, etc.

We also carry important 20th-century prose. Our emphasis is on first editions and signed books, especially association copies. Because so many of the great modern writers were published by various small presses in extremely limited editions, we make it a point of trying to find and stock these books. And for the same reason, we have a quantity of literary magazines where these writers first published (search category “Literary Magazines”).

We also always have in stock a substantial number of out-of-print books and “things” by Edward Gorey.

Browsers Are Always Welcome

Please call (212) 749-5906 first to make an appointment and get our address.


< Let us know your interests—we will notify you when books of interest to you arrive.

-Suzanne Ostro


POMANDER BOOKS  211 West 92nd St., Box 30  New York, NY 10025
Phone: (212) 749-5906  E-mail: pombks@gmail.com